[Bra Fits] Why Does Your Bra Ride Up & How to Fix it

It is not uncommon in your long bra-wearing experience that you have to yank your bra down at some point because it keeps riding up either in the front or back. It is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience. Today we will try a few methods to fix it.

Part 1: Why does your bra ride up?

The bras are mainly made up of three parts, namely the band, shoulder straps, and cups. Normally these three main parts work closely together to support the weight of the breasts. However, if any part of them is not in the right place, the balance will be broken, thus, causing problems. Why does your bra ride up? There can be many reasons, but first of all, we should check the bra parts one by one until it is well-adjusted and in a good place.

well-fitted bras

Part 2: How to fix the bra riding up problem?

How to fix it, let's explore.

2.1 Adjust bra band.

First, let's focus on the bra band. If the bra band size is correct, yet it still rides up, it can be that you are wearing it a bit loose. There should be 3-4 rows of hooks if you are wearing back-fastening bras. Adjust them and explore different levels of tightness until they sit firmly around your back. Be cautious, it shouldn't be too tight either, otherwise, you will feel nauseated. Leave some space that allows you to slide a finger beneath it.

bra band parallel to the ground

To make it more secure, some people would consider using a garter. It can prevent the long socks from sliding down, it surely can help hold the bra band in place. Simply use this kind of bra suspender to clip the band to the top of your pants or underwear. You can also DIY your own suspender. Find an elastic band and attach two clips to both ends and it is done.

If you are good at crafting and sewing, you can take it to the next level. Try to extend the bra band and turn it into a body shaper. This way, the whole thing will wrap around your breast and waist, making it less easy to move. To do this, you need to buy a bolt of elastic fabric, measure properly and sew it carefully onto the bottom of the bra band. Make it long enough so that you can tuck it into the waistline of your underwear or your pants to prevent it from riding up.

2.2 Loosen bra straps.

Sometimes it is just the bra straps. It is possible that they are too tight. The elasticity is working and it yanks the band or the front cup to ride up. You will also feel back pain and shoulder digging in if the straps are too tight. Loosen them a little to see how it goes. Lower the band down until it sits parallel to the ground. Don't overdo it though, otherwise, the straps will come off the shoulders and cause other types of problems.

bras straps stay put

2.3 Get the right size bra.

Most of the time, it is the wrong band size that causes the ride-up problem. But sometimes the problem lies in the cup size being incorrect. If the bra cups are too big and leave plenty of gaps, it becomes easy for the front to ride up. If the cups are too small to contain the breast, they will weigh down on the straps and pull the band upward in the back. Therefore, the importance of finding the right size bra can't be overstressed.

bras that fit well

Here comes the question. How do you decide your bra size? it is not as complicated as you think it is. You can either go to a tailor and let her/him measure for you, or you can buy a measuring tape and do it on your own. you only need two numbers to calculate your size.

First, wrap the tape around your torso right below your breast to read the under-bust number; Second, wrap it around your chest at the fullest part and get your bust number. Write down these two measurements and consult the size chart. you don't even need to do the calculating.

Click to consult our bra size chart.

but you may probably get an odd number. In this case, just round it up. If the round-up size turns out to be a bit off. Then try other neighboring sizes. Breast volumes differ even though they measure the same, so try a size up or down until you find the perfect fit。

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2.4 Choose another type of bra.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the bra styles you are wearing are not suitable for you? You have to admit that breasts come in different shapes and volumes, and some styles will suit certain breast shapes better than others. For example, bras with underwires are less likely to ride up in the front. If you have tried every method above and still can't figure out the problem, then try other bra styles. It may make a difference.

different bras styles

Part 3: How to check if your bra fits or not?

Check the three main parts of bras.

Band- the band should stay parallel to the ground and not ride up in the back. it should also sit snugly just below your beast. firmly but not too tight, you should be able to poke a finger beneath it.

Straps- straps should not dig in your shoulders and cause pain and red marks, nor should they be so loose that they come off your shoulders easily.

Cups- breasts should be able to be contained snugly in the cups, without leaving a gap or causing bulging.

Besides these, there are other small parts worth noticing.

Center panel-the center panel should lie flat to your skin without gaping or digging in.

Wire- if the underwires are well-fitted, you won't notice too much of their existence. and they are not supposed to poke into your skin every time you make a movement. if it is protruding or digging in, you should look into and fix it.

various parts of bras

In conclusion. a bra is just a small piece of fabric, but if it is not well-fitted, it will cause more problems than you think. Spend more time to get to know it, you will finally secure a comfy fit.

Also, you are not supposed to wear the same old bras all the time. They will lose their elasticity and functions after all the washing and tearing. it is time to give yourself a treat and buy a new one.

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