[Bra Tips] How to Hide Nipples in Non-padded Bras

Women hold different opinions toward nipples showing through shirts. Some think it is not a big deal, they are just part of the body. Some feel insecure if the nipples were not well hidden. It totally depends on how you feel about it.

Normally wearing a padded bra would be efficient to conceal the nipples. However, I understand that more and more women would choose to wear thinly-layered, non-padded bras these days. They are cute, lightweight, and breathable, so hard to say no to.

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Yet how do we hide nipples in non-padded bras? Today we will discuss a few tricks to solve this particular problem.

First, use nipple covers.

Wear reusable silicone nipple covers under the thin fabric of your bras. They are small, cohesive covering, a great option for adding an extra layer to the thin cups. They are easy and convenient to use, simply press the cohesive side onto your nipple areas, and make sure they won't come off. Also, you might want to pay attention and pick the colors that are close to your skin tone for the least noticeable effect.

You can buy them here on Hsia's website. Some people wonder if they can be washed since they are supposed to be used repeatedly. Surely you can use soap to give it a gentle wash after use. Normally they come with a 30 to 50-wear guarantee.

HSIA Silicone Breast Covers


However, if you can't stand the idea of repeated uses and are concerned about the hygiene problem, you can always choose disposable one-time-use-only pasties. They are thinner than the silicone covers, which on one hand is good because you don't want the thick covers to stand out and become noticeable under some flowy tops. On the other hand, your nipples might show a little bit if the weather gets cold and they harden.

one-time only nipple pasties

If you use up all of them and don't get enough time to purchase more, it is ok, you can always improvise and DIY your own covers. Find a small panty liner and cut them in half, then cut out two circles only big enough to cover your nipple areas, stick the cohesive side onto your bra cups, leave the soft and dry side covering your nipples and you are done.  You can try band-aids and surgical tape too. They are also easy to get under such circumstances.

Second, choose the right clothing.

Wear tops that are loose and made of thick fabrics. This way, the nipple won't be obvious. to better hide them, you can also choose tops that have print, lace, pocket, or other adornments over the chest area.  Avoid tops that would highlight or draw attention to the nipple areas.

As for colors, definitely avoid white or other light colors. Stick to black or darker colors like dark blue, deep purple, and so on.

shirts with prints over chest area

Wearing a thin undershirt beneath would also be a good idea. Choose the color wisely, either close to your skin tone, or complementary to your tops. you can pull it out a little at the top or bottom to bring a sense of layers to the whole look.

wear an undershirt beneath to hide nipples

Third, Use clothing accessories.

It is easier in winter, you can just cover the nipple by putting on a coat or blazer. The nipples won't show even if you go bra-free. Even so, wear the bras anyway in case you get in a warm room and have to take off the coats.  However, in summer, there are fewer accessories to help conceal the nipples. but there is still some silky, flowy colorful scarf that you can use to help take attention away from the nipples and create a more diverse look.

use a scarf to cover nipples

Four, put the hair down.

Most girls have long hair, we can use it to our advantage.  Whenever you feel the need for some extra coverage, instead of pulling them together, you unbound the hair, let it flow, and do the attention-diverting job.

long hair concealing nipples

Five, sew an extra layer onto the inner side of the bra cups.

With some sewing tools at hand, you can get creative. Try sewing one or two extra pieces of fabrics to the single-layered bra cup to increase a bit thickness to hide the nipples. You can always pull out the thread and turn it back to the original look if you like.

unlined single-layed bras

At last, choose a cotton bra or t-shirt bra.

Choose something in between, a cotton bra or a t-shirt molded bra would be a better choice. they aren't sheer as the single-layered lace bra, and bulky as the thickly-padded bras. 

Click to see HSIA's comfort cotton bra. The bra cups have two layers of fabric and are formed into a 3-d structure to better conform to your breast shape. They are soft, comfortable, and Moisture wicking.

Click to see HSIA's lightly-padded cotton bra with a thin layer of sponge sewed within.

Click to see HSIA's t-shirt molded bra. Not bulky at all, just the perfect amount of thickness to conceal the nipples.