Five Solutions to Uneven Breast Size

Is it normal if one breast is larger than the other?

You may notice that one of your breasts is bigger than the other since you are a teenage girl. Well, no need to be alarmed, it is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, one in four girls have more or less uneven breasts or nipples. They can differ in size, shape, or nipple position. Keep it in mind that the pair are more like sisters instead of identical twins.

The reason why this happens varies from person to person. Hormones play an important role here. it rises up and down like a roller coaster with girls especially when they are in puberty, in the period, giving birth, or having menopause. Although it may cause some annoyance, the change of breast size won't do harm to your body. it won't affect women producing milk or give you a higher chance of getting breast cancer.

one breast bigger than the other

How to fix uneven breasts?

Although slightly uneven breasts are normal and harmless, they do cause self-consciousness and little annoyance in real life. If you are not comfortable with the situation and would like some change, maybe you can try some of these solutions.

Solution 1: Choose a suitable bra

The traditional underwire foam cup bra may not be the best fit in this situation.  if you size up your bra, one of the cups will be too big and leave a gap, if you size it down, it may cause spillage on the other cup. you are put in a dilemma. Having uneven breasts myself, I found Hsia's collection of lace unlined bras very suitable. There is no padding, only one or two thin layers of lace fabrics, soft and stretchy, allowing enough room for adjustment. A little bigger or smaller won't make a big difference, you still feel very comfortable wearing them.

Check the unlined lace bra collection here:

hsia unlined lace bra

However, if one breast appears bigger than the other in a more obvious way, and you are afraid that other people would notice it and cause embarrassment, then this bra may come to your rescue. It is seamless with absolutely soft fabrics. it conforms to your body like a hug. More importantly, it has removable paddings, which means you can get rid of it or insert an extra one, depending on how you like them to look.

Check the seamless wireless bra with removable padding:

seamless bras with removable paddings

Solution 2: Do some exercises

Usually, the uneven effect seems more obvious with saggy boobs. I would suggest that you do more exercise, especially some upper body or chest movement. The chest is made of fat and breast tissue and exercise can bring more energy and vitality into them. there won't be a dramatic effect, but your boobs can get firmer and perkier little by little. Exercise can be a solution to many problems including this one.

Solution 3: Massage your breast regularly

Massage is also a good way to promote the growth of the undeveloped breast. Rub your palm together until they get warm, then press slightly on your breasts in a circular motion. It gets better if you apply some sesame or flaxseed oil to them. Make sure you massage only the smaller breast and don't put too much pressure on it.

Solution 4: Use hot and cold water

Alternate use of hot and cold water can also improve blood flow in the breast skin by expansion and contraction. All you have to do is get a clean towel soaked with warm water and apply it to your smaller breast, wait about 30 seconds, then change into cold water. repeat it three times.

Solution 5: Go to the doctor for surgery

The effect of the above techniques differs from person to person. They can reduce the difference of the uneven breast, but they can't guarantee a big change. If after trying all these, you are still not satisfied or you want to get it done once and for all, you can consider the ultra solution of surgery.

Breast surgery is very common now, but it is still a surgery. Before you rush to any decision, make sure you have communicated everything with a professional doctor and you are aware of all the possible results coming with the surgery.