How to Tighten Bra Straps? – 4 Tips for You

Since we wear bras every day, one would assume that there is nothing complicated about this small piece of fabric. Yet the truth is if you wear your bra inappropriately, it will make you feel very uncomfortable, sometimes it even causes some embarrassing moments such as when the straps keep falling down and you have to pull it up all the time. To avoid any of that, today we will focus on this important part of the bra, the straps, and how to properly tighten them.


tighten the bra straps


Why do your bra straps keep falling down?

Before we start, we should know the reasons why the straps keep coming down.

First of all, your bra band or cups may not be the right size. The bra band can offer up to 80% of the support for your breast if the size is correct. if the band becomes too loose, it won't stay parallel to the ground, instead, it will keep riding up to your shoulder blades until it affects the straps and causes them to fall down. If it is the cups that are too big, the same problem would happen. Most likely, the half-empty cups would come up to your shoulders, causing the straps to loosen and slip off. The solution is to fix the band and cup, find the perfect fit, then the straps should be no problem.

bras in correct size


Secondly, some girls are born with narrow or sloping shoulders which makes it difficult to keep the straps stay on the shoulders even if the bras are of the correct size.

petite girls with bra straps slipping


Thirdly, maybe it is because you never bother to adjust the straps since you first got the bras, or the straps just lose their elasticity after a few times of washing, which is very common.

hsia lace bras

No matter what reason it might be, you can't just let them go by this way day after day. it must be irritating to have to reach into your shirt and pull the straps back to your shoulders again and again.

Don't worry, it is much easier to solve the problems once you realize what they are.

How do you know if the bra straps fit?

Well, you will know it when the bra straps fit you. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you shouldn't expect the traps to do the support job, the bra band is responsible for 80% percent of it. Therefore, there is no need to tighten too much in hopes of getting extra support, it will only leave too much tension on your shoulders and cause unnecessary red marks and back pain. Remember, the role of bra straps is to keep the cups stay snugly against your body without gapping or spillage.

breast contained in cups without gap

Also, you may have noticed that sometimes when you set the slide adjuster at the same position, both straps are at the same length, yet somehow one strap is either too tight or too loose. It doesn't mean that the bra is poorly-made. It is because many women have uneven breasts, meaning one breast is more or less bigger/smaller than the other. It is totally normal, just consider them as sisters rather than twins, no sisters are exactly the same. Keep that in mind when you adjust the bra straps. Make sure breasts sit level with one another on your chest without one strap tighter than the other.

adjust your bra straps

Another key factor worth mentioning: if the band keeps riding up, it is probably you have overtightened the straps. When you try out a new bra, make sure the straps are neither too short nor too long. If they are already at the loosest position, and you still feel too tight, then it may not be the correct size or the design is flawed. If the straps are too long, it can also be a problem since straps lose elasticity over wearing and washing. You need room for later adjustment. Pay attention to the details of the straps before you buy the bra. If you already bought a bra with the above problems, the best you can do now is to learn how to fix it.

learn how to adjust bras straps

4 Ways to tighten the bra straps

Here we will learn different ways to fix our bra straps to a comfortable fit.

  1. Adjust the length through the slide adjuster

It is the slide adjuster, the metal or plastic clip that will do the magic. In most situations, you will find the slide adjuster sitting behind your back and it is hard to reach for them. It is best that you remove the bra and hold them in your hand. When you locate the adjuster, hold it with one hand, and pull the strap with the other hand. You will notice when the slide adjuster moves toward the cups, the straps get shorter and when the slide adjuster gets near the band, the straps become longer. You then try on the bra and get in front of a mirror to see the effect. Repeat the process until you find the perfect positions for your adjusters. Remember, your breasts are not identical in size or shape, so the adjusters don’t have to be at the same level.


bras straps adjuster
  1. Use some gadgets to help

Actually, there are many gadgets that prove helpful in this situation. You can search them online by the names of “bra straps converter clips”, or non-slip elastic adjustable bands, see the image here:

bra straps converter clips

They are convenient and easy to use. but if you are stuck at work unprepared, you can always improvise with a safety pin. Start out by making a small "s" shape at the end of the straps, place a safety pin through the S to hold it still. Be careful with this, it may pop open if there is too much tension.


safty pin used for adjust the bra straps
  1. Turn to your tailor

For petite women, bra straps are always too long no matter how much they tighten them. In this case, rather than going into all the fuss and trying to tighten them, it is better you take all your bras to a tailor, and let her/him do the work for you. Or you can do it by yourself. Go find a pair of scissors, needle, and thread, cut off an inch or two and sew them back.


tighten the bra straps

  1. Choose different types of bras

You can always try different types of bras to avoid the slipping situation. for example. racerback, criss-cross and halter are all good choices.

Check this racerback sports bra:

hsia racerback sports bra

This one with a racerback and front clip:

hsia bra with racerback and front clip

hsia bra with racerback and front clip

Hsia bra with special bra straps design

When you look through Hsia bras, it is easy for you to notice that many of our bras are designed with a leotard back that keeps the straps closer to the middle of the back, making them less likely to slip off the shoulders. Check here:


hsia bras with a leotard back

Besides, we have this convertible bra with flexible straps. You can wear it multiple ways, using it as a traditional bra, removing the straps to make it strapless, using only one strap, or making it crisscrossed. See here:

hsia convertible bra with flexible straps

You would also be fascinated by this wide strap wireless bra. the straps are wide enough to leave any tension or pressure on your shoulders, and it is not easy to come off. The materials are incredibly soft like they grow on your skin. you won't regret owning this one:

hsia seamless bras with wide straps