What is an Unlined Bra - When and How to Choose

Have you also been there? During hot summer days, you keep sweating under the sun. During snowy days, you put on three or four tops to keep warm. Already feeling uncomfortable, your tight, thick bra makes it harder to breathe. This is when an unlined bra will help.

What is an unlined bra? Is there a lined bra? To help find the right bra for your specific styles and comfort needs on various occasions, we will introduce the details to you.

What is an unlined bra?

What does an unlined bra mean?

As the name suggests, an unlined bra is a bra without extra lining. You will find no extra padding or foams in the cups of a typical unlined bra, which usually means no extra weight and no suppression upon your breast. Visually your breasts won't look any bigger than they naturally are, which is very important for some curvy girls who have a fuller bust and have no intention to attract more attention to them.

Most common types of unlined bras

1. unlined bralette

As the most common type of unlined bra, the bralette is easy to wear and offers a great extent of comfort. They come in different fabrics. Some are smooth and silky, such as the seamless bra with removable padding; while some are mainly made of lace, which gives you a chic and feminine look. It depends on which styles you want to show on different occasions.

The seamless bralette is more of a daily bra, comfortable enough to wear 7/24. Some are even designed with wide and reinforced under bands to provide more support for fuller busts.

hsia seamless bralette

On the other hand, lace unlined bras usually have more choices of colors and fashionable designs, allowing you to show off a bit under some sheer and loose tops, the perfect style for a date night or a street look.

hsia lace unlined bra

2.Unlined underwire bras

Some curvy girls can be insecure about wearing a bralette, they need as much support as they can get, but they get so tired of the limited choices and boring styles. Unlined bras often come with the newest and most beautiful styles. In this case, adding an underwire to a beautifully designed unlined bra can totally make a difference. In fact, the support of a bra mainly comes from underwire and straps, not necessarily padded cups. Whether made from lace or silky fabric, an unlined underwire bra offers a friendly and fantastic experience for curvy girls.

hsia unlined underwire bras

3. Unlined demi/full-coverage bra

Unlined demi bras are a good choice for girls with slope-shaped breasts. They offer minimal coverage and give the breast a natural yet sexy look. While for those with more fullness on top, demi bras can cause unintended spillover. In this case, a full-coverage bra can provide better containment and comfort. The factor of different shapes of the breast should also be considered in the selection of bras types and styles.

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Do unlined bras provide support?

Girls can have a false impression that unlined bras provide less support. As a matter of fact, cup padding or foam don't contribute much to the support capability of a bra. It is the bra material, underwire, shoulder straps, and back design that do the supporting job. Therefore, unlined bras can provide enough support even for fuller bust girls.

hsia unlined bras for fuller busts

Lined vs Unlined Bra – What are the differences?

What is a lined bra?

We have discussed a lot about the unlined bra, what is a lined bra then? T-shirt bras and push-up bras are two common types that are usually unlined. They contain extra layers of fabrics or padding in the cups. Unlike sheer single-layer unlined bras, a lined bra allows your boobs to show in a rounder shape. If you are not confident about your natural shapes or if you are afraid of your nipples showing through, you can always choose a lined bra.

Sometimes you feel the thick foam is a bit too suffocating, but you still want it to offer more coverage, then you can always go to the lightly padded bra, which is thicker than the sheer material, but thinner than the foam material, just the right amount of coverage.  Another ideal compromise is partially-lined bras, which are sheer on the top, enough to add a taste of sexiness, yet opaque on the bottom, both practical and stylish.

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HSIA Padded Retro T-shirt bra

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How to choose an unlined bra that fits you the best?

1. Make sure the size is correct:

You don't need me to tell you how bad it would make you feel wearing a bra that doesn't fit your size. The most important thing to do before shopping in an online or offline lingeries shop is to know their sizing chart. Each bra brand owns a slightly different sizing standard. What is 34c in this store may be 36b in the other, so don't rely too much on your previous experience. Buy the new one based on their currently-using chart.

To decide which size fits you the most, you need two numbers. First, you have to measure your under-bust to decide the bra band size. Second, you measure the fullest part of your chest. The difference between the two measurements will determine the cup size. Do not think of it as a complicated thing. It only takes a measuring tape and two numbers to know your bra size. After that, you are good to go.

How to measure your size? Click and see

2. Choose the right fabric:

Unlined bras are made up of different fabrics including cotton, nylon, or lace. In consideration of comfort and security, many girls would choose bras made of cotton or other soft mixed materials as an everyday bra. In their conception, lace bras are pretty yet not for wearing every day, which is only partly true. It totally depends on the quality of the lace material. Good lace can feel very soft and smooth with a sophisticated look, while a cheap one can be itchy to some sensitive skin. Although good lace bras can be a bit expensive, they make you feel so pretty and delicate wearing them, worth every penny you spend.

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Recommended unlined bras

You can find many pretty lace unlined bra styles on HSIA's online website. They are as pretty and comfortable as you can imagine, and they are sold at a very reasonable price. Sometimes with a holiday coupon, you can get yourself a pretty good deal.

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