Demi Bra vs Full Coverage – Differences and Best Picks

Bras come in plenty of different styles. Today we will compare these two common bras, demi vs full coverage, to help you choose. 

Part 1: What is a demi bra?

You can imagine what a demi bra looks like simply by the word "demi", which means half. Compared to a full coverage bra, a demi bra only has half the cup to cover the breast. It features a low-cut fit with only one inch or so above the nipples. The sexy look of the demi bra is one of the reasons why it is so popular among women. Demi will help form a more flattering shape and create more cleavage due to its tendency to push the breast inward and lift them upward at the same time. Demi certainly is a clear choice for those with smaller busts, or busts fuller on the bottom. It comes in a wide range of fabrics,colors,and designs, you can easily find a demi you love.

demi bra

1.1 Different kinds of demi bras

Demi bras have many different styles which are designed to satisfy various needs.

Demi push-up bra

A demi push-up bra is perfect for a date night or girls' fun night. It offers a flattering boost for your breasts, the side panels and the light paddings are parts of the constructure to help create a nice cleavage, even for flat chests or wide-set boobs. Also the half cups can be well concealed under the low-cut tops or v-neckline dresses. Demi surely can highlight a  seemingly-mundane look.

 hsia demi push-up bra

Demi underwire bra

Most likely demi would come with underwires. Yet unlike the long and heavy wires in some of the bras, the wires around a demi tend to be shorter and thinner, unlikely to poke and cause unnecessary discomfort.  They exist to support the weight of the busts and make sure things stay where they ought to be. This way, you can enjoy both the support practically and the sexy look esthetically.

hsia demi underwire bra

Demi molded bra

Among a multitude of bra styles, demi molded bras must be the most popular everyday bras in women's wardrobe. They are the easy choice and suit  various scenarios. Free of excessive fabrics,they are lightweight with thinly padded cups good enough to cover the nipples. The molded cups give your boob a nice but not exaggerating shape, simple yet classic.

hsia demi molded bra

Demi unlined bra

Cups of the demi unlined bra have only one or two layers of fabrics, without the inner backing or cushioned padding. They are breathable and lightweight, perfect for wearing under breezy clothing in the summer. You are free to show the natural shape of the breasts. No padding, no extra burden.

hsia demi unlined bra

1.2 Clothes to wear with demi bras

Demi bras would definitely come to your mind when you choose to wear tops with low-cut, square or scoop necklines. With only half cups, demi allows you to show off the most flattering coverage and help create a sexy and delicate touch to the whole look. it would hurt your good sense of fashion if you were wearing all these chest-highlighting clothes and your bras were not hidden properly.

Although demi can go with most of the clothes, they are not the best choice when you wear clothes made of soft materials, because when the tops' fabric are too soft they will show whatever beneath it including the subtle line between bra and breast in the middle. People can feel its existence though they can't see it inside, so always pick the right bra to pair with the clothes you are going to wear.

hsia demi unlined bra

Part 2: What is a full coverage bra?

Compared to demi's half cups, full coverage bras offer coverage to almost the whole breasts. With full coverage there comes a high level of support and comfort. It may not bring out the best shape of the boobs, but it is of practical use for those who don't want extra attention to the breast. It even has the minimizing effect since the breasts are more spread out and distributed, visually making them look smaller.  Also the shoulder straps are attached all the way up to the full cups, they tend to center toward the middle and less likely to slip off like the wider set straps of the demi. All these features make it ideal to wear when doing chores, running errands, or exercising. You know the breast will be nicely contained in the full cups. Especially for those who have fuller or larger busts, wearing a full coverage bra means you don't need to worry about the spillage making two boobs into four. You can always trust a full coverage bra to do the right job.

hsia full coverage bra

2.1 Different kinds of full coverage bras

Full coverage lace unlined bra

Well many full coverage bras are designed in a more conventional way to stress its practical features. but a full coverage unlined bra is made by one or two thin layers of lace fabric, giving to it a feminine and delicate touch. it certainly won't compromise its capability of support and comfort as long as it is made of good lace. Good lace is stretchy, but still firm. It is soft, smooth and strong, capable of resisting all the washing and tearing. You will love Hsia's full coverage lace bra collection.

hsia lace unlined full coverage bra

Full coverage seamless bra

Seamless bras are becoming more and more popular these days. women like them for their cool, soft and smooth touch. it is like that it grows on you and you often forget that you are wearing the bras. It is perfect for an everyday bra and also suitable for postnatal moms since they are remarkably soft and won't press onto the wound and scar.

hsia seamless full coverage bra

Full coverage molded bra

Full coverage molded bras are also very common. The cups are molded to give the breasts a nicely-rounded shape and make sure the nipple won't show through the clothing. Hsia's full coverage molded bras are perfect. They are only thinly padded, free of bulging or suffocating.

hsia full coverage molded bra

Full coverage cotton bra

Full coverage cotton bras are still padded, but their cups are cut-and-sewn, unlike the one-piece molded cups. They are constructed to build 3-d cups to give your boobs the support they deserve. They are soft and sweat-wicking, good for health.

hsia cotton full coverage bra three-compartments

2.2 Clothes to wear with full coverage bras

Basically you can wear full coverage bras under most tops like t-shirt, sweater, turtle-neck, as long as they are non-chest-baring. but make sure there is no decoration or embroidery on top of the cups when you are wearing tight shirts or soft clothes, or it will show through from beneath.

hsia bras match for clothes

Part 3: Differences between demi bras and full coverage bras

More styles means more options. We as women always embrace all of the choices offered. On the following chart, I will compare some of the attributes of these two types of bras to give you an all-around perspective as to which to choose. You can choose depending on your shape, your preference and the clothes to match.


Full coverage

less coverage

offer more coverage

not advisable for sports

suitable for all sorts of light sports

accentuate breast due to push-up effect

diminish breast due to distributed breast tissue

wide set straps, easier to slip off shoulders

centered straps, less likely to slip off

great for low-cut tops

great for tight shirt made by soft fabrics

fuller busts are likely to spill and create 4-boobs

no spillage, consistent shape of breast

shorter and thin wires

longer and heavier underwires


more conventional

good choice for smaller bust or bust fuller at the bottom

better for fuller bust

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