Different breast shapes

What can breasts do?

Females are born with breasts that are a powerful and useful tool to feed their babies. Young children seek nutrition and comfort from their mother's breasts. For women themselves, the breasts are a part of the body curve that adds to the feminine charm. In a romantic relationship, a pair of beautiful breasts are integral to their sexual life. As part of our body, we women love our breasts as we cherish any other part of our body.

What can breasts do?

Why categorizing?

Every woman is born with breasts, yet they are of different breast shapes. It is safe to say that no breasts are exactly the same as no snowflakes are the same. Even so, they still have some similar features based on which we are able to categorize them into different shape types. However, we should keep in mind that there is no such thing as the best breast shape. All boobs are beautiful the way they are. Categorizing is not to judge which one is better, simply to recognize it so that you can be informed of the diversity and choose bras that fit you more. According to the research I have done online, there are 9 popular types of breast shapes.

different breast shapes

What are these 9 shapes?

Here are the 9 popular breast shapes and the suggested best bras types.

  • Round. The round breasts are circular on the whole, equal at the top and bottom. Since nearly all the bras cups are designed to be round, this breast shape should be able to fit most bras types. I would recommend Hsia's lace bra collection. They are single-layer, airy, and lightweight, perfect for the coming summer, and you can be confident to show your own round breasts, with no need for extra shaping.
  • Round breast
  • Teardrop. it is almost like a round shape though they are less full at the top. It is a very nice-looking shape, so don't be afraid to show your natural shape in a single-layer lace bra.
  • Teardrop breast
  • Bell shape. As the name suggests, it shapes like a bell, thinner on the top and fuller at the bottom. For this type of breast, besides full coverage, you can also try the demi or balcony bras, compared to the round shape, it is less likely to spill on the top. You are recommended to try this type of demi lace bra. It is a popular choice and you can wear a broad neckline t-shirt without the bra peeking out.
  • Bell shape
  • Relaxed. with a relaxed shape, the breasts tissues are more soft and inclined to sag and point downward. It happens more often with aging women or women after birth. For this type of shape, it is better to wear bras with more support, or with a bit of push-up effect. I would recommend our under-wire full coverage molded everyday bras for their great support and comfort.
  • Relaxed breast shape
  • Asymmetric. This type of breast shape has one boob bigger (or smaller) than the other. Usually, there is only a slight difference between the two breasts and it is quite common, but in some cases, the difference can be up to a cup. I suggest you wear these seamless super comfy bras with removable padding, this way, you can take away one side of the padding to make the pair look even.
  • Asymmetric breast shape
  • Athletic. With fewer breast tissues and more muscle, the athletic breasts would look firm and even, and of course, you don't need to be an athlete to have this type of breasts. Since it is less likely to sag over time, we can be more relaxed when it comes to bra choices. If you are not a big fan of underwire bras, you can totally go easy on yourself and choose only cute wire-free bralettes.
  • Athletic breast shape
  • East-west. The breast tissues and nipples are pointing westward and eastward separately. For bra choice, you can choose bras that have a centering effect. Hsia's bra has some special designs such as the strap's direction and the leopard back that will gently pull the breasts to the center.
  • East-west breast shape
  • Side set. there is more space between the two boobs, and the breast tissues are inclined to point to the sides. as the case with east-west, you can choose bras that have a centering effect, or with a frontal close that will do the trick too.
  • Side set breast shape
  • Slender. The slender breast is narrower and takes up less space on your chest. You can still wear most of the bras and have less chance of side spillages. and I would suggest you wear bras with molded cups to have a rounder look.
  • Slender breast shape

Why do breast shapes differ?

Of course, genes have the biggest influence on the structure of our bodies. but the environment and other outside factors also play a role too. We have to recognize that we do not necessarily have only one type of shape throughout our whole life. Our boobs are changing especially when we go through a monthly cycle, pregnancy, nursery, workout, weight loss, weight gain, surgery, aging, and so on.

For example, although breasts only have tissue and no muscle, if we work on our pectoral muscles beneath our breast tissues, our boobs can actually become firmer and perkier. When we are pregnant or on period, our boobs will get swollen due to hormones and look rounder. Also, when we get older, our once perkier boobs will be sagging and pointing downward because of the gravity pull. The fat distribution, tissue volume, and nipple positions can all alter the shapes of our breasts, sometimes quite dramatically.

I have seen some bloggers share online about 20 different types of breasts based on different periods in life. If you are interested, you can take a look at it here

Why do breast shapes differ?

Is surgery necessary?

We are lucky to live in the modern world with advanced medical cosmetic technology. If you are unsatisfied with your breast shapes, to say they are seriously asymmetric or sagging too much, there are corresponsive surgical measures that will improve the situation. Make an appointment with your local cosmetic surgeon to learn more about it. Make sure you are informed of all the possible results and aftercare before you make any decision.

Is breast surgery necessary?