Big bra sizes

What bra sizes are considered big?

It is a relatively subjective question. Big or small depends on your personal perception. A bra size consists of the size of the band and cup. Normally, when we notice someone has big boobs, it can be that she has a big cup size, meaning the breast protrudes from the ribcage in an obvious way. Or when the woman has a lean and petite figure, her breasts will visually appear bigger than they actually are. Also, if she has broader shoulders and a wide hip, most likely, the breast will be overshadowed and look smaller on her body. So, the cups, band, and physique are all factors that influence our judgment.

If we only focus on the cup size here, many people will agree that the C cup is more of an average cup, while D, DD(E), DDD(F) cups will be considered big, and G, H, I, J, K are more than big, they are on the large spectrum.

Big bra size with HSIA's bras

If you take a look at HSIA's size chart, you will notice that its big cup sizes include D, DD, and DDD. to know if you are in such sizes, you need to measure your underbust right below your breast where the bra band sits, and the full parts of your breast across your nipples. With these two measurements, you can calculate your size.

With HSIA's size system, the inches differences between the underbust and overbust will determine your cup size:

6-7 inches: D cup

7-8 inches: DD cup

8-9 inches: DDD cup

If your measurements are in between, you can try its sister sizes to find the perfect fit. For example, if you measure to be a 36dd size, you can also try 34ddd and 38d, they have similar cup volumes.

Learn more about HSIA's size chart and sister sizes rule from here.

What does a K cup size look like and how does it feel?

The K cup may be the biggest cup size that we can think of in real life. For girls like me who have a b or c cup, it is simply hard to imagine. I have seen some of them share experiences living with K-cup boobs. Unlike the DDD cup which is still considered very sexy, A k cup is out of proportion with the rest of the body and it causes many inconveniences in real life. For example, carrying such weighty burdens lead to serious neck and upper back pain, and it causes even bigger pain when they try to do sport. It costs more to buy appropriate bras too, bras in such size are rarer and of granny's style. Outfits are no easy choices either, in most cases, they would have to be custom-made or altered to fit the enormous breasts and the small waist. Girls with K cups often grow big breasts when they are in school during puberty. They are often self-conscious about their differences and have to suffer from peer staring and even taunting. They might grow relatively low self-esteem and become less confident, and more likely to develop the habit of slouching and hunching to camouflage their big breasts.

For those who have relatively flat chests, you should feel lucky and blessed to be free of the pains that the k-cup women have to go through. For those who live with such big chests, you would have to learn to make peace with reality and make yourself feel good and healthy.

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How to make peace with your big boobs?

  • Simply accept it. For those who are less confident and self-conscious, you should learn to accept the big breast that you were given by nature. Learn how to show the curves in a charming way. stretch out instead of hiding them. You look the most beautiful when you are confident.
  • Arm yourself with bras that fit. Sometimes the source of your insecurity and awkwardness may come from the ill-fitted bras. With big breasts, you need bras that can give you full support, lessen your burden and make you comfortable. Don't settle until you find a bra that fits you the most, try the sister sizes if you are unsure. Choose the bras with full coverage, firm fabrics, supportive underwires, wider band, and broader straps. All these features are necessary for a really supportive bra. For those who are from D to DDD, you should try HSIA's lace bra made with the aforementioned features. The quality is so good, and unlike the stuffy kind, they are very lightweight and pretty, meanwhile offering you great support and comfort.
  • Choose sports that suit you. Avoid sports that make your breast bounce too much like running and risk hurting the breast tissues. Instead, try strength training that can improve your pecs and back muscles, so you can better deal with the heavyweight.
  • Breast reduction surgery. It is an effective option to solve the problem once and for all. But make sure you do sufficient research and be aware of all the possible effects and risks. Consult with a professional and licensed surgeon before you make any decision.