What would happen if you choose not to wear bras?

When is the happiest time for us girls?

I must say it is when we take off our bras. 

However, when we celebrate a free bosom, some women are concerned about what might happen to the breasts. Would they sag due to a lack of bra support? Would they go out of shape?

We will shed some light on these specific concerns today.

Do you worry about boob sagging?

It will sag eventually, but it has nothing to do with you wearing the bras or not.

despite the soft look, there is a mysterious structure called cooper inside the breast. together with the skin structure, they supported the boobs nicely without extra help.

(this is how the breast is supported)

Some studies point out that a complicated structure formed by fiber tissue and fat keeps the breast attached to the chest. However, any tissue in the body will age. The elastin in the cooper and skin that keep the breast firm will reduce, age, and lax. Eventually, the boobs sag.

Especially when women enter climacteric, the change of hormones will make the skin go thin. And the support and skin elasticity gets worse.

It is common sense that sagging is unavoidable. It is like our face, you can't stop the boob from sagging as time goes by.

It is naive to think bras prevent the boobs from sagging. it is the same if you wear a facekini, your face skin still gets loose. You wear panties every day, your butt still sags without a doubt.

However, there are some things that you do that would quicken the sagging process.

First, smoking.

For those women who smoke in long term. Their skin on the whole age more quickly, thus, causing breasts to sag.

Second, the effect of pregnancy, giving birth, and nursing.

Your breasts will blow up and contract during such a process. The copper and skin will be pulled to great extent. that's why women's breasts lose elasticity after having children.

Third. significant weight loss or gains.

every time your weight fluctuates, your breast tissue will be strained to an extent that causes it to loosen up, a similar situation to the last one.

Some people aren't convinced because it seems those who wear bras all the time do get perkier boobs.

Well, that is because bras do make them appear perkier than they actually are.

Also, due to the difference in breast volume, Ethnicity, and gene, people have different breast shapes, and sagging speed. Bras can only change the outer appearance.

Next time people warn you of sagging without wearing bras. Just let them know that bras aren't magic in this aspect.

What do we need bras for? Can I get over bras?

Now we know that bras can't change your breast shape or prevent them from going outward or sagging. We have to recognize its two functions.

Function 1: Bras keep the breasts from moving.

We don't just lie down or stand still in real life. We walk, run errands, and do sports. Our breasts, as part of our body, move with the body's movements.

With every step we take, the breast waggle meanwhile pulling the skin, tissue, muscle, blood veins, and milk gland surrounding them. the waggling brings a wave of force back to the body.

They have a medical term for it- chest-thumping.

Studies found that when females run on a treadmill without wearing a bra, their breasts move drastically, causing a maximum displacement of 17 centimeters.

If a female run at the pace of 160 steps per minute. her boobs will bounce about 96000 times in the 1-hour-long running.

Studies also found out that the breast would move horizontally for 1.8-6.2 centimeters. and vertically for 4.2-9.9 centimeters.

It goes without saying that it hurts badly!

It is believed that chest thumping is the reason that causes breast pain. The bigger your breasts are, the bigger move you make, the more you hurt, and you can even suffer strain injury.

According to modal prediction. when the breast's weight goes up to 700 grams from 100 grams ( in the equivalence from 32A to 32 F), the displacement will increase by 70% with vertical exercising, and 30% with walking.

A bra that fits can reduce by 60% displacement.

Function 2: the bras provide a certain amount of support for big-chested women.

Compared to flat-chested women, those who have big bulky breasts will suffer much more upper muscle pain and back pain. A fitted bra can help relieve some of the pressure and reduce discomfort.

Wear or not wear the bras, it is up to you. Making yourself comfortable is the most important.

If you choose not to wear bras in daily life and never experience any discomfort, then you can go ahead and do as you please. Just don't forget to wear sports bras during exercise.

If you are concerned about nipple showing, but still don't want to wear bras, you can choose nipple covering pads.

If you have bigger boobs, then you are advised to wear them to help you get through the day with more comfort.

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