Is it fat? or is it accessory breast?

You may notice the extra fat under your armpit especially when you are wearing bras. The side tissue would come out and spill. And you may hear someone talk about accessory breasts before. It makes you wonder what it really is. and should you worry about it?

Are they breasts?

Before we come to any conclusion. First ask yourself: have you been gaining weight?

If top-heavy people have bulging lumps of flesh under their armpits, it is very likely that they are fat piled up by fat clumps. They look obvious especially when wearing a tight bra.

However, the "accessory breast", which has nothing to do with you being fat or thin, male or female, is a congenital abnormality of the breast. You may remember in the sitcom "Friends", Chandler told his friends he had a third nipple, which scare away his then date.

In fact, accessory mammary glands exist in the early stages of human embryonic development. Regardless of men and women, mammary glands appear in pairs on the line from the clavicle to the groin. That is, if fully developed, we would have many pairs of breasts on the chest and abdomen, just like animals.

With the development of the embryo, humans eventually only retain the pair of breasts between the second and sixth ribs on the chest, and the other mammary glands that emerged after escaping the result of evolution are called "accessory mammary glands."

The size of the accessory breast is quite small, and the gland and nipple often grow separately, either the nipple or a glandular mass grows, which is not easy to detect.

The internal structure of the accessory breast is exactly the same as that of the normal breast.

Accessory breasts enlarge during pregnancy and lactation.

Accessory mammary glands are often found in the underarms of both sides, and a few are found on the stomach!

If these accessory breasts come with nipples, they can function like real breasts and secrete milk! surprise!

How to tell? Accessory breast or fat?

If before menstruation or pregnancy, the lumps in the armpit obviously grow with discomfort, and the lumps shrink after menstruation or breastfeeding, then most likely they are accessory breasts.

After all... Adipose tissue will not have periodic size changes, nor will it feel discomfort or pain.

You can also observe the line from the armpit to the groin. Sometimes you will find the accessory nipple that is mistaken for a pigmented mole. If you find it, you can be more confident that the lump in your armpit is accessory breast tissue.

The diagnostic method that doctors will use is very simple, that is, color Doppler ultrasound.

On ultrasound images, fat tends to appear as a particularly hypoechoic mass of large particles, whereas glands are slightly hyperechoic, distinct from fat.

Need treatment?

The existence of accessory mammary glands is not harmful to health except that it affects appearance.

Although it can have lobular hyperplasia. It will also be accompanied by obvious menstrual cycle pain. A small number of them will develop fibroadenomas, but malignant diseases rarely occur in accessory breasts, and the probability of accessory breast cancer is far lower than breast cancer.

If the accessory mammary gland is actually big and seriously affects the appearance, it can be surgically removed.

The incision can be in the axillary skin fold, which is minimally invasive, but a drainage tube needs to be placed for several days after the surgery to loosen the skin and better fit the top of the axilla.

Due to the special location of the incision, you should avoid hot weather to prevent sweat from affecting the incision. At the same time, the operation requirements are relatively high, and there is a certain risk of damage to the axillary blood vessels. It is necessary to choose a qualified hospital for the operation.

Choose bras that are friendly to armpit side fat/accessory breasts.

You may experience discomfort when wearing a bra that is tight and squeezing the armpit spillage. First of all, you should always get fitted bras. Secondly, it is better to buy bras that have more room around the armpit area and have soft fabric to avoid friction.

Hsia bras have small pockets on the side of the cups that help to contain extra flesh and make it more comfortable for you.

There is not much you can do if it is an accessory breast. But if it is simply fat and it bothers you. Maybe you can choose to lose weight.

Yet it is easier said than done. Losing weight isn't easy. it is about exercising, dieting, and changing your lifestyle. Though hard, in the long term, losing weight can have many benefits to your health, you can not only lose your side fat but stay healthier.