[Bra Care] How to Wash Bras?

Unlike other clothing, bras have a built-in structure including containing molded cups, supportive underwires, straps adjusters, hooks and eyes closures, etc. Not to mention they are often made from fine fabrics such as delicate lace and silk. The bra is our most intimate layer of protection that needs our special care. You definitely don't want to ruin an expensive bra by washing it improperly. Today we will introduce some tips to you as to how to appropriately wash a bra.

how to wash a bra

Part 1: How to hand wash bras?

The way to extend a bra's lifespan is to hand wash it after each wear. the followings are the few steps to do it.

  • First. Fill the basin or sink with plain or warm water. Find a soap bar, put it into the water, and rub it until it is lathering. Take away the soap bar and agitate the water gently for it to distribute evenly. Soak the bra in the soapy water and wait for about half an hour.
  • Second. Ready to get handsy. I always find this part of the experience fun and refreshing with hands getting busy, brain going blank, feeling relaxed while surrounded by humid fragrant air. I also prepare a list of music to play to make it more vibrant. In a good mood, grab the bras with one hand, and do the rubbing with the other. The side of the bra which makes direct contact with the body is where you should pay special attention to. Rub the cups, under-band, band, and straps carefully to get rid of all the body oil, sweat, lotions, and specks of dirt, which would cause a skin rash if not cleaned. Some girls only wash bras after several times of wearing. I wouldn't recommend that. You might think how dirty could a bra get, yet the truth is that even you were not the sweaty type, our bodies are releasing all kinds of fluid all the time without you even noticing. Our nipples are sensitive too. So you would want to give it a thorough cleaning. Don't use a brush though, it could easily get tangled with delicate fabrics.
  • Third. Grab the bras from the basin and put them under running water to rinse off the residue of lather and dirt clinging to the bra. Instead of wringing it since it will destroy the delicate structure, press the water out of it. You can also use a cotton towel to absorb the excess water. Till now, you get a freshly clean bra. it is almost done.
  • Fouth. Lay it flat in a drying rack and remain its natural shape. You can also hang it on the hanger. instead of hanging onto the bra straps in case elasticity loosen, you use clips to clamp its bottom and hang it upside down. Make sure you hang it in a breezy environment so it would dry faster. if you lay it under the sun, make sure you collect it once it is dry. Or the heated direct sunlight would do harm to the fibers.

Remember to put the dry clean bra in the drawer. Be organized, lay it flat. If the space is limited, you can carefully fold one cup onto the other without compressing it. It is important for it to remain in its original shape.

Part 2: How to machine wash bras?

Well, we understand that hand washing is not always an option in a busy lifestyle. Also, some cotton wire-free bras are harmless to be machine washed. we will discuss steps to machine wash your bras.

  • First. Since your bras will be washed together with other clothes. you better sorted them according to like colors, darks, lights or white. At least the color won't get weird after every wash. Keep the load size small for them to be washed thoroughly.
  • Second. Fasten the hooks and eyes at the ends of the band and put them into a mesh washing bag to avoid all the tearing and snagging.
  • Third. Select the delicate cycle and use cool water. 30-degree would be enough, good for the fibers, and save energy at the same time. Then put a certain amount of gentle detergent into it based on the machine and load size. Remember, too much detergent would not make clothes cleaner, only leaving residue to make them sticky.
  • Fouth. Despite using a dryer will get it dry very quick, avoid using it. The high heat is bad for elasticity and sweat-wicking properties. Hang it or lay it flat on the rack to air dry it the same as you would when hand washing. After that, store it properly.

Part 3: Expert tips about bra care

For some people, it may seem a waste of time to go to great lengths to simply take care of a bra. However, as trivial as it may seem, learning practical tips and lessons are important for a comfortable and organized life. Learning how to care for your bra well is the same in this sense.

By properly washing a bra, you can extend its lifespan, making it sustainable, and saving money at the same time. Besides the aforementioned washing steps, here are some extra tips to apply in special circumstances.

3.1 How to keep white bras white when washing?

Black and white are the most popular colors when it comes to clothing. A white bra too, look pure and attractive at the first sight. but we sometimes skip the choice of white simply because it is not easy to wash. It gets into a shade of gray color and loses its sparkle look as time goes by.

Don't worry, let me introduce to you a few tips to keep the white bra white, so you would feel less hesitant next time you go shopping.

  • Sort the whites from other colors. Make sure the white bras are only washed with other white items when machine washing. It is the basic rule.
  • Use natural whiteners such as white vinegar, lemon juice, and bicarbonate of soda cleverly. Unlike harsh bleach chemicals, these are milder, more natural, and work just as well. You can choose to use white vinegar and bicarbonate at the same time, these two have a good effect of bleaching and a softening effect when mixed together, saving the fabrics softeners. Also, vinegar can serve as a natural deodorizer and disinfectant to get rid of smells and bacteria. You can also try lemon juice, not only can it whiten the fabrics, but also it gives the clothing a refreshing lemon scent after washing.
  • Don't forget that sunlight has bleaching capability too. I bet you notice before that your white shirt gets whiter after a long day of sunbathing. Yes, sunlight does the trick. Let your bra shine under the sun and restore its sparkle at the end of the day. Remember though, too much sunlight can also fry the fibers. So don't do too much of it.

3.2 How to wash sticky bras?

Some girls get the impression that sticky bras are not meant for washing worrying that the water will wash away its adhesiveness, and they avoid washing it after wearing. The truth is that it only loses its sticky property if it remains unwashed with all the body oil and dirt on it.

I would recommend you wash it by using soapy water and rub the insides of the sticky cups with your fingers gently and repeatedly until it gets clean. Then let it air dry.  After it is completely dry, use the plastics to cover the sticky sides and wrap it with a bag or in its original packaging case.

Since we use sticky bra on a less frequent basis, you need to clean and store it with better care so that next time you pick it up, it is as fresh and new as the first time you used it.


3.3 How often do you need to wash the bra?

As we mentioned, it is hygiene to wash your bra after every wear. The oil, perspiration would irritate your skin. They can also corrode the fabric fibers, thus, shortening the lifespan of an expensive bra.

My advice:  wash it diligently, you will love the feel of a clean dry bra.