How many bras do you wear a week and how frequently do you wash them?

Bras are an essential part of our daily wardrobe, providing support and shaping for our busts. However, the topic of how often to wear and wash bras can be a bit confusing, with various opinions and practices. Some people prefer to wear a fresh bra every day, while others rotate through a few before washing. In this article, we'll explore the different perspectives and habits related to bra wear and care. Whether you wear regular bras, sports bras, or bralettes, understanding the best practices for your needs can help maintain your bras' longevity and your comfort.

To Wash or Not to Wash

The comments section of a TikTok laundry guide sparked a lively discussion about how frequently bras should be washed. Many individuals shared their personal experiences and routines, revealing a range of preferences. Some felt comfortable wearing bras multiple times before washing, while others preferred to wash after every use to maintain freshness.

The Case for Wearing Bras Multiple Times

For those who wear bras multiple times before washing, the reasons vary. One individual admitted to wearing the same bra for several days, citing a less physical job and minimal sweating as factors that allowed for this practice. Others mentioned rotating between a couple of bralettes or sports bras for weeks before washing, as they didn't notice any odor or discomfort.

Preserving the Quality of Bras

One common theme among individuals who wear bras for multiple uses is their desire to preserve the bra's quality. They believe frequent washing might lead to faster wear and tear, causing bras to lose their shape and support over time. For those with more expensive bras, maintaining their condition becomes even more critical, as replacing them frequently can be financially challenging.

The Smell Test

Interestingly, many participants mentioned using the "smell test" to determine when a bra requires washing. They relied on their sense of smell to identify any unpleasant odors before deciding to launder the garment. This method allowed them to balance the need for cleanliness with preserving the bra's longevity.

Individual Preferences and Body Types

Body types and individual preferences also play a significant role in determining how frequently bras are washed. Some individuals, particularly those with smaller busts, found they could go without a bra or wear bralettes for extended periods without discomfort. However, those with larger busts expressed the importance of wearing bras consistently for support and shape.

Washing and Drying Techniques

For those who do choose to wash their bras frequently, there are various techniques to ensure the bras remain in excellent condition. Some individuals prefer to handwash their bras using mild detergent and air dry them to avoid damaging the fabric, while others use delicate cycles in mesh laundry bags to protect the bras during machine washing.

Recommendations for Bigger Busts

Several individuals in the discussion mentioned being in the 40-something F cup range and sought recommendations for bras suitable for larger busts. some brands mentioned like HSIA, Lanebryant, Glamorise are specialized brands catering to larger sizes, offering comfort, support, and various designs to choose from.


The discussion surrounding how often to wear and wash bras showcases the diversity of preferences and habits among individuals. While some opt for multiple wears before washing to preserve the bras' longevity, others prefer to wash their bras after each use for freshness. Personal comfort, body type, and financial considerations all play a role in these decisions.

For those seeking bras suitable for larger busts, specialized brands offer a variety of options to explore. Ultimately, the key is to find a balance that works best for you, taking into account your body's needs and ensuring your bras remain comfortable, supportive, and well-maintained throughout their use.

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