Hipster vs Bikini - When and How to Choose

We have talked a lot about bras. Today we will explore the area of different types of panties. Like bras, panties also have a multitude of design choices and styles, which is a good surely. But it is hard to choose sometimes with all the varieties in the market.

We may be more familiar with thongs or boy shorts which fall on the extreme end of the panty spectrum and are easier to understand. But we get confused when it comes to the difference between a hipster and a bikini, which kind of falls on the between. Don't worry, we will elaborate on this part of the knowledge in today's article. You will get a better idea next time searching for new panties.

bikini panty

Part 1: What are hipster panties?

Since I adopt a relatively relaxing lifestyle, I seem to wear hipster panties a lot. I have a full drawer of different panty styles. Hipsters comprise 70% of it. For me, they offer the perfect amount of coverage that keeps a good balance between comfort and sexiness.

1.1 Features of a hipster panty

What does a typical hipster look like? In terms of coverage, hipster panty falls between boyshorts and bikini panty. Compared to bikini panties, hipster panties have more coverage in frontal fabric and the gusset. The leg opening cuts are lower and the width of the sidecuts are wider with more fabric. Another big difference lies in where the waistline sits. Normally the waistline of a hipster panty sits a bit higher above the natural hipline, which makes you feel more cuddled and secure.

hipster panty

1.2 When to wear a hipster panty?

With a higher waistline, a hipster is better to be paired with high-rise or middle-rise pants or jeans. When you wear a low-hemmed skirt on a windy day, a hipster with more coverage will offer you a sense of security. If you are a fan of tight jeans or dresses that might expose garments underneath, a hipster with a lower side cut and less cheekiness will give you a sleek silhouette and invisible panty line.

A hipster is also a stable choice when you are running around doing errands or exercise or when you choose to stay at home in a more relaxing mood. It is an easier choice. You will always need a comfortable hipster panty regardless of the occasion.

lace hipster panty

Part 2: What is bikini underwear?

I believe that the term bikini will instantly bring you into a mood of sunshine, beach, and sea. Well, a bikini panty is indeed a lot like the one you see on the beach in summer with more cheekiness and less fabric.

2.1 Features of a bikini underwear

Compared to a hipster, a bikini panty has less frontal coverage and a smaller gusset just big enough to cover the essentials. The leg opening goes up slightly higher making your legs look longer. The width of the side cuts are narrower with lesser fabric, showing more cheekiness. the waistline sits lower on the hip and may offer a peek of the butts cheeks.

lace bikini panty

2.2 When to wear a bikini?

Bikini panties are widely popular among women with a good combination of sexiness and comfort. They are perfect to wear when paired with low-rise jeans or bottoms. It is perfect when coupled with a flattering outfit and when you are partying, clubbing, or on a date night. Even though people can't see, you feel pretty inside and outside.

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Part 3: Hipster vs Bikini

Hipsters and bikinis are invented to serve different purposes and preferences. Forget less is more, we girls need as many options as possible to fit our mood and occasions.

3.1 Differences between hipster and bikini

Knowing the difference between these two can help you decide which type to choose and on what occasions they fit. To make it more clear, we present all their differences in the below list:

 hipster bikini
more frontal coverage less frontal coverage
more gusset fabrics fewer gusset fabrics
lower leg opening cut higer leg opening cut
wider side cut fabric less side cut fabric
less cheekiness more cheekiness
sit higher above hipline sit lower on the hip
more coverage overall less coverage and fabrics
hsia hipster panty
hsia bikini panty


3.2 Which kind of panty should you choose?

I would choose a more stable hipster panty when I have a more active day, and I would go to a bikini when I want to feel sexy at a party or on a date. Choosing which type really depends on your personal preference and the occasion. You can also try different fabrics, colors, and patterns to add more fun. For example, you can choose a hipster that is made using lace to add a touch of sexiness while enjoying more coverage. And you can have more fun choices of the pattern and prints to set free your inner self.

3.3 Recommended hipster and bikini

Hsia's super soft signature hipster panty

This type of panty has it all. The soft, smooth and beautifully lacy hipster panty give you the coverage you need with the comfort, style, and luxury you love. The 3 pack gives you a mix of colors and shades, so you'll be set for days.


  • Mid-rise with moderate coverage
  • Using cotton blend fabrics, elastic and breathable
  • Lacy elastic waistband features letters pattern
  • Modest rear coverage stretch
hsia hipster panty

Hsia's romantic lace hipster with moderate coverage

You will want this panty in every color! The lace hipster underwear is so elegant with lace embroidery, moderate coverage, and a mid-rise fit.


  • The smart and romantic lace pattern
  • Made by top-level lace fabric
  • 100% cotton lining
  • Modest rear coverage stretch
hsia lace hipster panty

Hsia's breathable mesh sexy bikini Panties

Great quality, very cute, and a good fit. This elegant underwear features gorgeous floral lace on the front, sheer silky mesh on the back for a sexy look. It matches our lace bra perfectly, don't miss out on our bra and pantie sets.


  • Modest rear coverage stretch
  • Gorgeous lace embroidery
  • Low rise with thin elastic waistband
  • 100% cotton gusset
hsia lace bikini panty