34DDD Bras full coverage

We have discovered through data analysis that most of our bras sold are dd and DDD cups. And we found out many of them keep coming back and buying different products from our website. Not only do they come back for the same item, but they are quite willing to try other styles too. We are more than happy about our findings but not surprised.

We know that women with fuller busts often have difficulties finding bras that meet the criteria of both fit and aesthetics. We keep their needs in mind and make a good balance with the function, look, and budget. Today I will introduce to you the most liked bra styles for women of 34ddd size so that girls of the same size can make a better choice. 

HSIA classic collection of full coverage unlined lace bra

Part 1- The most loved styles for size 34ddd

The best sales for 34ddd- HSIA classic collection of full coverage unlined lace bra

I can't say enough of our signature lace single-layer bras style. Let me list the reasons here why it is a perfect choice for 34ddd.

  • Single-layer. Someone would be skeptical about this feature, but it actually is a very powerful advantageous point. With summer coming, the single-layer bra is airy, light, and breathable, without adding extra bulkiness to the already quite full busts. Many would count it as a relief. Also, we use high-quality laces and mesh, not the flimsy and cheap kind. The fabric will be smooth but firm enough to withstand wear over time. Most importantly, it is full coverage.
  • Great support. The support of the bra is mainly coming from the band and underwire. We use wide and firm mesh as our band materials. And we use long and flexible underwires, strong enough to hold the DDD cups. The wires are well wrapped in soft material to prevent any protruding.
  • Three rows of back clasps. This feature is a must-have. it allows you to adjust the tightness spanning the day. and it is wide and secure enough to avoid any accidental popping open.
  • The elastic shoulder straps. The straps are designed with the proper length. using the sliders, you can adjust to a length of your comfort. The straps are wide and lightly cushioned. due to the leopard back design, the straps have a centering effect to avoid any slipping.

There are other features about them that you may like once you get to know them. As the best sales products, I am sure you will like them too. shop today so you can wear them in just a few days, and you will know that I was right.

34ddd lace bra

A popular choice for 34ddd- HSIA collection of full coverage molded or lightly padded bra

HSIA full coverage lightly padded cotton daily bras

This one is full coverage with a lace overlay. It is only lightly padded with cotton. Very soft and sweat-wicking. There are 4 cute colors choices. Also, they come with matching lace underwear. Efficiently, they cover your nipples.

34ddd lightly padded HSIA bra

HSIA full coverage Striped Smooth molded Bra

It is a classic molded bra style. It has a striped pattern, and a small piece of jewelry in the middle gore. The sky blue one is very appealing and popular with girls of 34ddd size.

molded bra from HSIA

HSIA full coverage Front-Close Lace-Back Molded Underwire Bra

If you are tired of the traditional back clasp bras, how about trying this one with a front closure. The cups are molded and have full coverage. What makes it more special is the floral lace Racer-back. so elegant and refreshing. Girls tend to choose the light green ones, which are perfect for the coming summer season.

HSIA full coverage Front-Close Lace-Back Molded Underwire Bra

HSIA full coverage Silky Unlined Full Coverage Bra

I put it here because it looks much like a molded bra by its appearance, and the rich silk luster makes it look tempting. but it is actually unlined, without extra padding. extremely soft and comfortable. And with the supportive underwires and super-wide and smooth shoulder straps, girls of 34ddd would definitely fall in love. however, if you are looking for a molded or padded bra, then you should know that it isn't.

HSIA full coverage Silky Unlined Full Coverage Bra

⑤ Other choices for 34ddd- seamless bra, sports bra, even the bralette

The aforementioned styles are enough for your daily bra needs. yet for some special occasion or for some personal taste. we always need extra choices. For such reasons, go check our sports bra if you plan to do exercise. You can choose M size for the 34ddd. Our sports bra styles are trendy and functional, made of great material.


Our seamless bra, though wire-free, has a strong elastic underband. They are made for ultra-comfort. We always need a wire-free moment even with size 34ddd.

hsia seamless bra

I wouldn't say a 34ddd must wear a certain type of bra and not the other types. Of course with such full volume, it is better to wear full coverage, underwire bras with better support and stability. But we girls like to indulge ourselves from time to time. so I am surprised that some of them would choose to buy our bralette. It is wire-free no doubt, but it is also beautiful, has full coverage, and is made with good-quality fabric with reasonable support. It is not a daily bra for the 34ddd, but an indulgence once in a while.

bralette HSIA

Part 2- Sister sizes for 34ddd

Sometimes you think you are a 34ddd, but it is not always true. If you believe there is a better size for you than 34ddd, you can try its sister sizes like 34d, 34dd, 36dd, etc. I have made an introduction about sister sizes before, you can click here to learn more.

30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
30B 32A 34AA
30C 32B 34A
30D 32C 34B 36A
30E 32D 34C 36B 38A
30F 32E 34D 36C 38B 40A
30G 32F 34E 36D 38C 40B 42A
32G 34F 36E 38D 40C 42B 44A
34G(DDD) 36F 38E 40D 42C 44B 46A
36G 38F 40E 42D 44C 46B
38G 40F 42E 44D 46C
40G 42F 44E 46D
42G 44F 46E
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