1. Generally, underwear should be washed by hand, and the water temperature should be below 40 degrees.
  2. For washing, use special detergent for underwear or shower gel, and avoid using bleach or disinfectant.
  3. When washing, gently rub it with your hands, there are soft circles, the rubber bones and the pressure strips can be gently brushed with a small soft brush, and the washing can be completed in the shortest time as much as possible, pat dry with a dry towel or gently dry with water. Do not get dehydrated to avoid deformation.
  4. After clear and clean, arrange the underwear into shape. Use clothespins to clamp the underwire at the bottom of the cup and hang it upside down, while the waist seal and trousers are clamped at the waist and hang upside down.
  5. Dark clothes should be washed separately, to avoid washing and dyeing.
  6. Underwear can be soaked in light salt water for about 15 minutes, which can play the role of disinfection, sterilization, desensitization and color fixation.
  7. Cannot use softener, because the fiber will become slippery and the firmness will decrease.


  1. Don't keep it together with insect repellent, so as not to damage the elasticity, yellowing and deterioration of underwear.
  2. After washing the bra, you need to arrange the cup to make it smooth and smooth, and then dry it in a ventilated and dry place.
  3. A damp place or long-term storage will also cause the bra to deform, turn yellow, lose its elasticity, and shorten its life span.
  4. When storing, gently fold it and place it on the upper layer of clothing or place it alone. Do not place it on the bottom layer of a stack of clothing to avoid weight squeezing.