Hundreds people's efforts for every millimeter of experience

Most of HSIA's products, from the initial concept to the finished product, and even the hundred times of wearing tests before launch, are all done by our bras testers. Although few lingerie brands today operate as we do, we believe that only with such an artisanal attitude, pouring our passion and expertise into our products, can we bring you the best experience.

The classics endure with time?

Feedback and requests from tens of thousands of female customers around the world continue to fuel our desire to innovate. Our designers are always looking to combine timeless natural inspiration with fashion trends.


We develop different color combinations for different skin tones and skin types (just like makeup). In addition, we care a lot about the functionality and comfort of our lingerie, and that's why during the design process, we repeatedly test the material and structural of our concept. All this represents the new experience we want to create for you - Exploring this beautiful world with our creative companionship.


Prototyping: Taking Responsibility for Every Millimeter of Change

Usually, in R&D, fashion designers will choose a base size as a standard for adding or subtracting a few millimeters to achieve all size variations needed. However, we have found in our ongoing experiments that such a simple solution often leads to a poorer body fit because the mechanical structure of the lingerie does not change evenly with size.


Therefore, each of our sizes is repeatedly checked by computer and body-feel wear tests to ensure our design meets the standard. This is a very time-consuming work, but every millimeter of variation can affect your fit and comfort.


Craftsmanship: Technology meets Skilled Artisans

We believe that the superior wearing experience of modern bras is inseparable from the effective production management of our factories. The latest technology in our smart factories is intertwined with our artisans who have years of experience. We believe that every piece of lingerie you receive will be a work of art in terms of craftsmanship.


Quality Control and Delivery: Environmentally Friendly

The finished products are carefully checked for quality and then disinfected in the factory. We are also working with all our partners to enhance our Agenda of Green Delivery. 


In our packaging and delivery processes we require that all our partners follow sustainable principles, reduce our pollution and use recyclable materials whenever possible. This is both an obligation to the world that inspires us and a practice of ‘Eternality’ as part of our brand value of HSIA