About HSIA’s Value


Take women on a journey exploring their inner beauty


We want to create a free and comfortable wearing experience. For twenty years, we have been upgrading our fabrics, manufacturing processes and designs.


HSIA is always concerned about women's social rights and personal growth, and we wish our quality lingerie products could help more women enjoy their lives and explore their inner beauty.



1.Focus on Minimizer Bras.

We have researched the many inconveniences that fuller women face in their daily lives: the lack of comfort in conventional bra, the lack of support in the general structure, and the fact that good fabrics and designs often correspond to more expensive prices.


That's why HSIA brand has been studying the body structure of fuller women for more than 20 years, researching fabric technology and structure design, in hope of provide quality lingerie products for fuller women. Our bras are mainly in single-layer lace design, covering sizes 34c to 44ddd. We want to provide fuller women with a more stable, more comfortable and more elegant bras-wearing experience

2.Good Design, not that Expensive

With rich experience in supply chain management, we would like to make it easier for women to access premium bras at an affordable price.


Our stringent fabric standards and complex manufacturing processes keep production costs high. But HSIA would like to ease the burden of your consumption without compromising your pursuit of beauty and comfort, so our products are priced far lower than similar quality products in the market.

3.More Choices

We always believe that it is our duty to offer you more options, and more options often mean more freedom.HSIA bras allow you to express yourself freely in different styles and in a variety of colors.