Why are you allergic to your bra?

Will a bra cause an allergy?

Recognizing allergens-

You can count yourself lucky if you never experience itchiness, redness, blister, or rash during the time when you wear a bra. Actually, it is not the bra itself that is causing the trouble, it is what is in it. Different people are sensitive or allergic to different allergens. Most commonly, women are allergic to latex, metal, and synthetic fabric, which are vital parts of a normal bra. To avoid inducing an unpleasant allergic reaction, girls need to choose bras that don't contain the above allergens.

Bras that are too tight-

If you wear a bra that is too tight, it can cause a slew of skin reactions that resemble an allergy, especially in areas under your breast that bear frequent friction and the most pressure. so get yourself properly fitted and wear a bra that provides the right amount of support and comfort.

Intimate wear like bras needs to be carefully maintained.

Wash your bras as often as possible. All those sweat, dirt, or grime will lead bacteria and yeast to fester thus inducing an allergic reaction. Keep your bras dry and clean. Wash them every time you wear them with mild detergents in cold water and hang them to dry.

Skin gets more sensitive-

If you get pregnant or gain weight, you probably would find your old bras irritating. That's because the hormone changes make your skin more sensitive and more prone to allergies. or if you have diabetes, you can be easily irritated by coarse fabric. In this case, find bras that are more smooth, absorbent, and anti-bacterial.

Why do we recommend Hsia's hypoallergenic bra?

Hsia Allergy-friendly bra with comfort and support

Organic and natural fabric-

Hsia uses 56% modal, 25% long-staple cotton, and 19% spandex to make our allergy-friendly bra. For those who ain't familiar with modal, it is an expensive bio-based fabric that is made from spinning beech tree cellulose. Its property of being highly absorbent, breathable, and soft makes it an even better choice than cotton for making undergarments. Aside from that, Modal is strong due to its tight weave, it is very durable and can last longer. It won't pill, shrink, or crease. How wonderful is that, its mixture of cotton and spandex not only makes the bra hypogenic but functional. We don't make it 100% percent modal or cotton, because we know a bra still needs certain properties to function well. We want it to be skin-friendly, to last longer, and to maintain its shape and look after washes. Such Fabric checks every box.

Free of latex, harmful synthetics, or chemicals-

This type of bra doesn't contain latex, which is the most common cause of allergy. It doesn't add nylon or polyester either because these two fabrics are notorious for trapping sweat and odor. and we use the mildest way to dye and process them. no harsh or harmful chemicals are used, and no pungent smell would be detected. We make it with consumers' health and safety in mind.

Elastics carefully wrapped-

Some people are allergic to elastics that are used to make shoulder straps and bra bands. Well, no need to worry, we make sure that they are carefully wrapped in the layer of fabric, so there will be no direct contact with them.

No direct contact with Nickel-

Nickel is also one of the allergens. It is commonly used in metal. and there are three parts that use metal, the slider that is used to adjust the length of the shoulder straps, the underwire that is to support the heavy cups, and the hooks and eyes closure. For those who are concerned, the sliders are thickly coated with non-allergic material. The wires are hidden under the fabric. As for metal hooks and eyes, part of them are exposed to the air, but they are not in direct contact with the skin.

Flat invisible seam-

The seam is covered and flattened to prevent any possible rubbing and irritation. The bra on the whole is very well made, smooth, and in good shape. and there is an extra layer of cotton inside the cup to soften the skin and absorb sweat.

By breaking down Hsia's allergy-friendly bras point by point, now you have a better idea of how we make them to be affordable and functional with a low risk of allergy and irritation. Have fun shopping!