How to Fix a Dress that Doesn't Accommodate Your Curves: Tips for Plus Size Bras

Finding the perfect dress that flatters your figure can be a challenge, especially if you have a fuller bust. Many women face the struggle of loving a dress but encountering issues with buttons popping open or tightness around the bust area. Don't worry; we've gathered valuable advice from the r/bigboobproblems forum to help you fix a dress that doesn't quite work for your shape. In this article, we'll explore various solutions and alterations that can make your favorite dress fit comfortably and enhance your curves.

  1. Size up and take the waist in: If the dress is too tight in both the bust and waist, consider sizing up and then taking in the waist. This way, you'll have more room for your curves, and the overall fit will improve. Additionally, you might need to add a hidden button or snap to secure the area properly.

  2. Sew in a panel of different fabric: To create more space for your bust, you can sew in a panel of a different fabric strategically. One option is to leave the top two to three buttons open and cover the opening with the panel, sewing the button panels in a V-shape onto the fabric. 

  3. Visit a tailor: If you're not confident in your sewing skills or prefer professional assistance, taking the dress to a tailor is an excellent option. They can find similar or contrasting fabric to create panels at the side seams, making it look intentional and tailored to your curves. Tailors can also add zippers or modify the dress based on your preferences and measurements.

  4. Use the button hack: A clever button hack involves unbuttoning the buttons over your bust and fastening them into the wrong holes. The higher button goes into the lower hole, and vice versa. This technique can help redistribute the tension and provide more room for your bust.

  5. Decorative closures: If you want to keep the button aesthetic but need a little extra space, try using decorative closures. Sew a ribbon or cord under the top button and tie it closed at the top, leaving a small gap. This way, it will appear intentional and stylish. You can even remove the top buttons for a more consistent look.

  6. Incorporate gussets or panels: Adding gussets or panels is a simple yet effective solution. Consider installing a panel on the back seam of the dress or two panels on the side seams. These additions provide extra fabric and allow for better accommodation of your curves.

  7. Minimizer Bra: Consider wearing a minimizer bra with your button-up dresses to create a more compact appearance and minimize strain on buttons. These bras are designed to redistribute breast tissue and provide a smoother fit, ensuring a more flattering silhouette for your dresses. Look for styles that offer ample coverage, support, and comfort, and consult with a professional bra fitter if needed.
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Conclusion: Finding a dress that fits perfectly can be challenging, especially when you have a larger bust. However, with these tips and alterations, you can transform your favorite dress into a flattering and comfortable garment. Whether you choose to size up, add panels, or wear a minimizer bra, there are various options to enhance the fit of a button up dress.