Bra Fits: Why Your Bra Rides Up and How to Fix it with HSIA Bras


When it comes to finding a comfortable and well-fitted bra, one of the most frustrating issues that many women face is a bra that rides up. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including an incorrect band size, tight or loose straps, improperly fitted cups, and more.

Check the Band Size

If you're struggling with a bra that keeps riding up, the first thing to do is check the band size. Even if you think you're wearing the right size, a band that's too loose can easily ride up, causing discomfort and ruining your overall look. To fix this issue, try adjusting the hooks on your bra until you find the right level of tightness. Make sure the band sits parallel to the ground and is snug, but not too tight. You should be able to fit a finger between the band and your skin without it feeling too loose or too tight.

Check the Straps

Next, check the straps. Straps that are too tight can cause the bra to ride up in the front, while straps that are too loose can cause the bra to slide down in the back. Adjust the straps until they sit comfortably on your shoulders without digging in or slipping off. If you have sloping or narrow shoulders, consider looking for bras with straps that are set closer together to help keep them in place.

Check the Cup Size

Another common issue that can cause a bra to ride up is an improperly fitted cup. If the cups are too small, they can weigh down on the straps and pull the band upward in the back. On the other hand, if the cups are too large, they can leave gaps that allow the bra to move around and ride up. Make sure the cups fit snugly against your breasts without leaving any gaps or causing bulges.

Other Small Details

Beyond these key factors, there are also several other small details to keep in mind when it comes to finding a bra that fits properly. For example, the center panel should lie flat against your skin without gaping or digging in. If you're wearing an underwire bra, make sure the wire is properly fitted and doesn't poke into your skin. And, of course, always choose a bra that is designed for your particular breast shape and size.

Try a Different Style or Brand

If you're struggling to find a bra that fits properly and doesn't ride up, it may be time to consider trying a different style or brand. At HSIA, we offer a range of bras that are designed for comfort and support, with features like moisture-wicking fabric, multiple hook-and-eye closures, and adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit. Whether you prefer underwire bras or wireless styles, padded or unpadded cups, we have a bra that will work for you.

In conclusion, don't let a bra that rides up ruin your day. Take the time to properly adjust your bra and make sure you're wearing the right size and style for your body. And if you're still struggling to find a comfortable and well-fitted bra, consider trying HSIA's selection of bras for a truly comfortable and supportive fit.