So many bra types, where to start? Bras guideline make it easier for you!

Different types of bras are developed to meet the different needs of women. It is a small piece of garment, yet play a vital role in women's life. Bra designers make adjustments to a bra's constructions, its cup coverage, cup padding, wire/non-wire, clasp, and various choices of fabrics so as to create all types of bras.

Functionality and aesthetics are two main aspects when women consider buying a bra. Women's breast tissues are delicate compared to other parts of the body. So we need to give them extra care when we move, walk, run daily errands, and work out to avoid hurting them. Aside from breastfeeding, these girls are also part of our feminine curves and beauty.

So today let's look at all these types of bras, and learn about their differences and use in life.


Usually, a bralette is the least constructive bra without restrictive wires, padding, or clasp. it is designed to be chic and cute. Designers would use lace to add a touch of delicacy. the shoulder straps would be thin or decorated with pretty lacy edges. Women with small busts would love this type of bra. it is pretty and less restrictive. while for women with bigger breasts, it provides less support. but it doesn't mean that big-busted women can't indulge themselves once in a while and wear it on special occasions.

You can pair it with a blazer or revealing/sheer top to show off its pretty design, bright color, or lacy detailing.

Full coverage bra-

The full-coverage bra has the most coverage on cups. It is more stable and less likely for the boobs to pop out or bounce, different from balcony bra which comes in 3/4th coverage, and demi bra which has only 1/2th coverage. Comparatively, full-coverage bras provide more comfort and support. when designed with underwireS and a wider band, it makes an even better choice for big-busted women like Hsia's bras. They are full coverage, wired, and made with the firm mesh and lace fabric, making them a perfect choice for heavy women.

It is good to wear them every day due to their good support. but you may not want to pair it with a low-neckline top since they are likely to peek out.

T-shirt bras-

T-shirt bra is the must-have in your bra collection. It is the basic bras in plain colors like black and nude. It is made with smooth and comfortable fabric, presenting a smooth silhouette under your t-shirt or any other top. it would come with thin cup padding to ensure there is no nipple showing through.

No extra decoration, only the basics. it is a no-brainer when you are busy with your work and don't want to make a fuss with your undergarment, you are always safe with a t-shirt bra. It provides you with long-hour support and comfort to get you through the day.

Maternity bra-

Women wear maternity bras during the time they are pregnant. It is a difficult period for women to experience fluctuating hormones and roller-coaster-like emotions. the volume of breasts would change too. So it is best to wear maternity bras that are soft, unrestrictive, and stretchy to deal with the changes. it is not necessary to be a maternity bra though, any bra that meets such need will do.

Hsia's ultra-soft seamless bra will be a smart maternity bra choice. its cool and smooth fabric will reduce your pregnancy-related discomfort, and give you just the right amount of support.

Nursing bra-

A lot like maternity bras, nursing bras need to be super soft to give the swollen boobs the ultra comfort they so deserve. But unlike maternity bras, nursing bras often come with cups that can be flipped down and an easy clasp that can be assessed single-handedly.

Every new mom needs such a bra to make the breastfeeding process easier.

Training bra-

A training bra is for teenage girls. it usually comes in a simpler design with no restrictive wires. it can be thinly padded to avoid nipple-showing embarrassment. and it is often made with cotton so it is breathable and absorbent.

Training bras are necessary for young girls before they are ready for other more complicated and functional types.

Bridal bra-

A bridal bra is an exciting addition to your marriage trousseau. it is usually in white colors, with lacy details and a sense of formality. It is indispensable to your whole bridal look.

Hsia's bridal bras are sure to make you feel pretty from the inside with delicate lacy details. We are happy to accompany you in such an important moment of your life.

Tube bras-

As its name suggests, a tube bra looks like a tube of fabric. it is created to pair with the shoulder-off dress, showing no straps and hiding visible cleavage. it may not have wire or padding, so it only provides minimal support. you can also wear it as a simple top on hot summer days.

Versatile bra/muti-ways bra-

Versatile bras can come in a variety of styles, it can be a t-shirt bra, seamless bra, wireless bra with shoulder straps that can be removed, crisscrossed, haltered, etc. You can improvise to match your outfit in so many different ways.

Hsia's multi-ways bras are mostly t-shirt bras. classic and versatile, definitely your go-to bra, don't miss it.

Plunge bra-

You will need a plunge bra to go with your deep v-neck shirt or dress. with low-center gore, the bra will stay hidden without getting in the way of your whole look. It can give your boobs a natural lift at the same time.

Don't make a compromise on your outfit just because you don't find the right bra for it. Go get one and be always prepared.

Push-up bra-

You need a push-up bra to help your boobs look perkier and lifted. The push-up bra is engineered to gently push your breast tissue to the center and enhance your cleavage. you will make a glamorous look wearing your low-cut dress and your push-up bras.

Don't be shy when it is your moment to shine!

Minimizer bra-

Contrary to a push-up bra, a minimizer bra does the opposite. There come days when we want to stay low-profile and just don't want to attract more attention to our breasts, a minimizer bra will help you achieve that goal. It is designed with construction to redistribute your breast tissue to a wider spread. Reduce the breast projection so they will appear smaller than they actually are.

Hsia's bras are famous for it s minimizing effect. Not only that, customers are always surprised by how comfortable and supportive they are.

Stick-on bra-

Stick-on bras are a great fit for your backless shirt or dress. It has sticky cups usually made of silicone, and no wings. It is invented with the simplest elements of a bra. it meets certain occasion and outfit but only suit small-busted women since it provides little support.

Expand your bra drawer with such a bra. You may not use it very often, yet it will come in handy when you wear an outfit and don't want your bras to show in any way.

Front close bra-

Unlike other bras that have 3-4 rows of clasp, a front-close bra usually only has one clasp at the position of the center gore. you are not able to adjust so it is important for you to find a perfectly fitted one. Many find that such bras offer more support since it distribute the pressure evenly along the back and shoulder.

Many of them have a special back design for you to show off a bit.

Sports bra-

The sports bra is an inevitable part of our wardrobe. Fragile breast tissue needs extra protection when we do sports. For different levels of sports, we need different kinds of sports bras( low, medium and high impact). Well, when running, you definitely need a high impact bras that reduce bounces. When doing yoga or other mild exercise, a low impact sports bra will suffice.

Hsia's sports bras can meet your different needs. according to the reviews from our customers, they are trendy and perform perfectly.

In choosing different types of bras, we become more flexible in various scenarios. It is always good to know all the options that we have. Have fun shopping for your collection of bras!